How to Protect Plants from Rabbits: The Best Way to Keep Rabbits out of the Garden!

How to Protect Plants from Rabbits The Best Way to Keep Rabbits out of the Garden

The goal of today’s article is to teach you how to protect plants from rabbits!

In order to accomplish this task, a high quality rabbit deterrent(s) must be used.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork and sifted through countless repellents to present you with the best products available.

Using one or more of them is the absolute best way to keep rabbits out of the garden for good!

Below you will see these products grouped into 6 different categories and their corresponding descriptions.

Furthermore, we will provide links to our in-depth review articles which will delve into them further and include where they can be purchased.

Now let’s take a peak at these deterrents and what makes them so effective.

  1. Rabbit Repellent Sprays

Right off the bat, sprays are considered to be one of the most effective repellents available.

They work by emitting smells that have been shown to repel rabbits.

These smells come from the use of all natural ingredients that are safe to be around your family and pets.

The spray is simply applied directly to plant leaves where it will create an invisible, odorless barrier.

Liquid Fence and Plantskydd are 2 of the top manufacturers of these sprays.

They have been making them for a while now and have been regarded as some of the best in breed.

Those who have purchased these sprays sing their praises in reviews.

They love how effective they are at protecting their gardens.

We love rabbit repellent sprays and highly recommend using them to protect your desirable plants!

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  1. Rabbit Repellent Granules

Similar to the aforementioned sprays, granules work by targeting rabbits’ sense of smell.

However, rather than being applied in liquid form to plant leaves, this comes in solid pellets which are distributed directly to the ground.

They effectively create a rabbit repellent barrier that these animals tend to shy away from.

This is a considerably more convenient means of application which takes much less time and effort to apply.

Rabbit Scram is hands down one of our favorite products in this category.

It has consistently ranked among the best which is why we advocate its use.

Reviewers state that it has helped to keep their gardens growing unfettered by the destruction of rabbits!

They greatly appreciate how easy it is to use and love how long it lasts.

Overall, we consider granules to be a very effective, convenient means of repelling rabbits from your garden!

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  1. Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellents

When it comes to convenience, it’s virtually impossible to beat ultrasonic rabbit repellents.

They work by creating sounds that rabbits find bothersome.

This results in a garden free from rabbits and the havoc they wreak!

The range on these units are quite impressive which assists in keeping rabbits far away from your desirable plants.

People note that these products have been lifesavers for them!

These repellents require virtually no intervention on their behalf as they operate without them even knowing.

We think these are some of the best repellents out there and certainly condone their use in gardens!

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  1. Rabbit Sprinkler Repellents

In addition to ultrasonic repellents, rabbit sprinklers are some of the best electronic devices out there for this task.

They have integrated sensors that can detect when rabbits or other nuisance animals come within 35 feet of them.

Once detected, a powerful spray is sent through the air which both startles and dissuades rabbits from returning.

A great feature of these sprinklers is that multiple units can be linked together to create a wider and more secure perimeter.

Those that have used these products think they’re the bee’s knees.

They state that these sprinklers do an amazing job at deterring all sorts of animals that typically munch on their garden plants.

We think these products are an awesome and innovative way to protect your desirable plants from these animals!

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  1. Live Rabbit Traps

This next repellent isn’t exactly for everyone since their use isn’t legal everywhere.

That’s why it is of the utmost importance that you check the laws relating to trapping and releasing rabbits in your area!

We cannot emphasize this enough as improper use of these traps could lead to jail time and/or sizable fines.

However, trapping and releasing is an effective way of dealing with smaller, nuisance rabbit populations.

Rabbits simply enter the baited trap where the door shuts behind them.

Just be sure to release them far from your home otherwise they may find their way back.

People note considerable success with getting rid of nuisance rabbits by trapping and releasing.

They love that it is a humane and simple method that has protected their gardens for years.

We think you should definitely consider trapping and releasing if it’s legal in your area!

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  1. Rabbit Fences

These fences should be your last resort when it comes to getting rid of rabbits.

As you may have guessed, they create a physical barrier between rabbits and your garden.

However, one of their major perks is that they also keep out other animals that you may not even know are ravaging your plants.

The holes toward the bottom of the mesh are small, while gradually getting larger at the top to protect your garden from a myriad of nuisance animals.

Although fences take the most amount of time and effort to implement, they require virtually none afterward.

It’s the only true, surefire way to ensure that rabbits don’t have access to your beloved garden.

Reviewers love how well they work and often wish they would’ve erected them sooner.

These fences keep their gardens in impeccable shape so that their vegetables can be consumed by them and not their four-legged foe.

Overall, fences are just about as good as it gets when it comes to keeping rabbits out!

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Bottom Line

How to Protect Plants from Rabbits The Best Way to Keep Rabbits out of the Garden

We hope you’ve gained some insight on how to protect plants from rabbits!

Any of the rabbit repellents above should help you in your battle against these damaging animals.

We advise using sprayable/granular and electronic products first before going to more extreme measures as they are often enough to solve your rabbit-related problem.

However, if traps or fences are necessary, they will certainly help you get rid of these animals.

Overall, we consider the use of the aforementioned products to be the best way to keep rabbits out of the garden for good!

We wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll come back to share your stories with us!

Please feel free to leave comments below!

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  1. Hello. I have a question about what kind of privacy shrubs can I plant that rabbits do not like? I planted 7 Burning Bushes along a chain link fence two years ago and whatever growth I got during the summer was chewed down to about one foot from the ground by rabbits in the winter. Rabbits have also ruined other areas of my yard as well. HELP!


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