How to Keep Rabbits Out of the Vegetable Garden: Tips for Rabbit Deterrent Gardens!

How to Keep Rabbits Out of the Vegetable Garden Tips for Rabbit Deterrent Gardens

Our goal today is to teach you how to keep rabbits out of the vegetable garden for good!

We know firsthand how these animals can ravage your garden virtually overnight.

That’s why we’ve compiled these tips for rabbit deterrent gardens.

Below you will find 6 different rabbit deterrent categories with descriptions on how they operate.

Each of them have received great reviews for their ability to repel rabbits and keep gardens safe.

At the end of each category you will also find links to our detailed reviews on these items and where they can be bought.

We hope you use this information to your advantage so that you can obtain a rabbit-free garden!

  1. Rabbit Repellent Sprays

First and foremost, sprays are one of the most popular and effective rabbit repellents available.

They work by emitting specific smells that rabbits simply cannot stand.

These scents come from all natural ingredients such as rotten eggs, garlic, and chili peppers.

Although this may sound displeasing to humans, the smells are virtually nonexistent.

Rabbits’ sense of smell is far superior to ours, therefore slight odors to us are very strong smells to them.

It should be noted that most of these sprays are intended to be applied to plant leaves and not the vegetables themselves.

2 of our favorite sprays come from Liquid Fence and Plantskydd.

They have been around for a while and have proven themselves as some of the top sprays on the market.

It won’t take much research to find a plethora of favorable reviews for these products.

People swear by their effectiveness and continue to rely on them every year.

Overall, we think sprays should be at the very top of your list!

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  1. Rabbit Repellent Granules

These granules work on the same premise as the sprays above. They repel rabbits by using strong scents.

However, instead of spraying your favorite plants, these granules are scattered on the ground to create a perimeter that rabbits tend to stay away from.

This provides the user with considerable convenience as they don’t have to mix concentrates and treat individual plants.

Our favorite product in this category is Rabbit Scram.

It repels rabbits by emitting a smell that these animals associate with death and danger.

Reviewers are quite satisfied with their purchase and have plenty of good things to say about it.

They love how easy it is to use and how well it works to protect their vegetables.

We think these granules are a no-brainer and highly recommend giving them a shot!

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  1. Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellents

Unlike the 2 products above, these repellents work in a completely different fashion; with sound.

They emit specific frequencies that rabbits hate hearing.

The result is a rabbit-free garden without the use of sprays or chemicals.

When it comes to convenience and lack of user-intervention, it doesn’t get better than these ultrasonic devices.

Just set them in your yard, turn them on, and watch the rabbits flee!

Some of the better units out there even include solar panels for self charging and integrated lights to assist in repelling rabbits.

People love how maintenance-free these repellents are and how well they work.

They love taking this hands-off approach to garden protection and not worrying about applying products to their plants every so often.

We love ultrasonic repellents and highly advise putting one in your garden!

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  1. Rabbit Sprinkler Repellents

These sprinklers are another type of electronic rabbit repellent.

Although they look similar to normal lawn sprinklers, they are fitted with motion sensors to detect incoming animals.

The result is a steady spray of water to scare these animals away.

They work quite well and are able to detect rabbits and other nuisance animals up to 35 feet away.

If the spray wasn’t enough, the activation sound provides an additional startling effect to convince rabbits to not come back.

In addition, multiple units can be linked together to expand the protection area.

Purchasers of these sprinklers swear by their performance.

They require virtually no intervention and protect their gardens without them lifting a finger.

We think these sprinklers are very innovative and worthy of your attention when selecting a deterrent!

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  1. Live Rabbit Traps

Another less popular, albeit effective option, is rabbit trapping.

This allows you to gradually reduce the rabbit population in your vegetable garden by capturing and releasing them far away.

However, this method is not acceptable everywhere.

It is absolutely necessary to check with your local municipality to see if trapping rabbits can be done legally.

Some states require permits while others don’t and some outright prohibit it.

The last thing you want to do is wind up in legal trouble for persevering your garden.

You’re far better off using the methods above if this is the case.

But if trapping is an option for you, it’s certainly worth trying as some have noted tremendous success.

People generally find that they are able to reduce or eliminate their rabbit problems by trapping and releasing.

If this is an option in your area, we recommend you considering it to help get rid of these animals in your garden!

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  1. Rabbit Fences

Lastly, fences should be used if all of the options above have been exhausted.

Generally those methods are enough to get rid of these animals but sometimes just don’t suffice.

Fences are for those rabbits that are especially persistent.

They create a physical barrier that rabbits can’t penetrate.

Although it takes more time and effort to implement these fences, it is definitely worth it in the end.

You shouldn’t have to worry about using any other rabbit repellents so it will ultimately save you plenty of time and money.

It also repels other nuisance animals to completely preserve your garden.

Reviewers are quite pleased with their effectiveness and how well they blend into their gardens.

They state that it has helped their plants flourish without the need for any intervention.

We love rabbit fences and think you should erect one if you’re not having luck with other rabbit repellents.

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Bottom Line

How to Keep Rabbits Out of the Vegetable Garden Tips for Rabbit Deterrent Gardens

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations on how to keep rabbits out of the vegetable garden.

The answer to your rabbit problem undoubtedly lies in one or more of the 6 categories above.

All of them come highly recommended from thousands of happy customers.

As stated before, our advice is to start with some of the less invasive options such as sprays and ultrasonic devices.

If those don’t prove to be successful, resort to more extreme measures such as trapping or erecting a fence.

These tips will help you obtain one of the best rabbit deterrent gardens around!

We wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll return to share your experiences!

Please feel free to leave comments below!

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