How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard: The Best Rabbit Deterrent Products!

How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard The Best Rabbit Deterrent Products

If you’ve arrived here, you are clearly familiar with how damaging rabbits can be to gardens and yards.

With so many rabbit repellent products on the market claiming to get rid of these animals, it can be difficult to choose the best one.

Fortunately, we’ve gone through most of them to present you with the best rabbit deterrent products available.

Not only do these products perform better than the competition, but they come highly recommended with some of the best ratings.

These rabbit deterrents have been broken down below into several categories with corresponding descriptions.

At the end of each category, we will provide a link to our detailed review where you can learn more about these products and where they can be purchased.

Our goal today is to teach you exactly how to get rid of rabbits in your yard!

Now let’s check out these rabbit repellent categories and what makes them so effective:

  1. Rabbit Repellent Sprays

These are hands down, one of the best rabbit repellent products currently available!

They coat your desirable plants to give off smells that rabbits find particularly displeasing.

As a result, they tend to lose interest and go elsewhere to feed; sparing your gardens and yards from their destruction.

Sprays such as Liquid Fence and Plantskydd are some of our favorite products on the market.

They have proven to be very effecting at deterring these animals by using scents such as putrescent eggs, garlic, and chili peppers.

These concentrates are simply mixed with water in a spray bottle and applied to your favorite plants every month or so to continuously repel rabbits.

Overall, the reviews for these products are nothing short of amazing.

People have noted the complete absence of rabbits after using them.

They note that their gardens and yards look better than they have in quite some time and that it’s directly attributable to the use of these sprays.

We love how well these products work and highly advise you using them to protect your properties!

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  1. Rabbit Repellent Granules

Next up is a product that is very similar to the sprays discussed above.

They both work by targeting rabbits’ sense of smell to convince them to go elsewhere.

However, instead of being applied directly to plant leaves, this product is scattered on the ground around the area you’re looking to protect.

One of our favorite products is Rabbit Scram. It produces a smell that rabbits associate with fear and even death.

Needless to say, one whiff of this stuff and they’ll be headed in the opposite direction.

Reviewers swear by these granules and continue to rely on them to protect their gardens and yards.

They love how convenient they are to apply and how little time it takes to do so.

We consider products such as Rabbit Scram to be well worth the money for getting rid of rabbits!

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  1. Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellents

Unlike the products above, this category of rabbit repellents uses sound rather than smell.

They produce specific frequencies that rabbits have a hard time tolerating.

Therefore, they tend to move away from the source of sound; leaving your property unscathed!

One of the best things about these rabbit repellents is the fact that they require virtually no intervention whatsoever.

Just set them up in your yard and reap the benefits!

Some of them even have integrated solar panels and lights to make them more self-sustaining and effective at deterring rabbits.

People absolutely love how well they work and how easy they are to use.

Overall, we think these products are a no-brainer and one that should be present in any yard with signs of rabbit damage!

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  1. Rabbit Sprinkler Repellents

When you think of sprinklers, we’re sure the last thing that comes to mind is getting rid of rabbits.

However, they are quite effective at doing just that!

These rabbit repellents deliver a convincing spray of water that startles these animals away from your yard.

Not only is this a humane way of deterring them, but it is also one of the more convenient methods of doing so.

Just place them in your yard, connect them to a water hose and away go the rabbits.

Integrated sensors detect when rabbits and other nuisance animals come near which in turn activates the sprinkler.

These repellents are able to spray up to 35 feet away which keeps rabbits far from your gardens!

In addition, multiple sprinklers may be linked together to create an even stronger perimeter around the area you’re looking to protect.

Those who have purchased them swear by their performance and are quite happy with the results!

These sprinklers are one of the best rabbit repellent products out there and we definitely advise trying them out for yourself!

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  1. Live Rabbit Traps

If you’re looking to decrease the local rabbit population, trapping and releasing them may be a viable solution.

However, it is imperative to check with your local municipalities to investigate the legality of doing so.

Possible fines and/or jail time may ensue if rabbits are trapped illegally.

With that being said, if trapping is an option, doing so may prove to be effective at solving your rabbit problem.

Simply place them in the area they like to frequent, bait the trap and once they are captured, release them in a safe area far from your home.

Reviewers have noted that traps such as those made by Havahart have shown promising results.

They love how well these traps work and how they don’t injure the rabbits in the process.

We think you should consider using a rabbit trap if you’re experiencing persistent rabbit damage.

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  1. Rabbit Fences

Last but not least are rabbit fences.

These rabbit repellents should only be used if you’ve tried all of the products we’ve discussed above.

However, they are the only guaranteed way to permanently eradicate these animals from your property.

It takes considerably more effort to put into service than the aforementioned repellents, but your work will surely be rewarded with a rabbit-proof garden/yard.

A secondary benefit of these fences is that they will also repel other nuisance animals that may be wreaking havoc.

They typically have small mesh holes at the bottom to stop smaller critters such as rabbits and larger holes at the top for taller animals.

People are quite happy with how well these fences work to keep rabbits out.

They like that they no longer have to apply sprays or granules to prevent rabbits from having access to their gardens.

We think these are one of the best rabbit repellents out there and without a doubt one that should be used by those with particularly persistent rabbits!

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Bottom Line

How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard The Best Rabbit Deterrent Products

All of these rabbit repellents will assist you in your effort to stop rabbit-related damage.

After doing much due diligence, these were the best rabbit deterrent products we could find.

Countless testimonials vouch for how well they work to get rid of these animals.

Our general advice is start off with rabbit repellent sprays/granules or electronic rabbit repellents as they are often enough to keep these animals away from your property.

If however they prove to be inadequate, a rabbit fence may be the only solution to your problem.

With that being said, you’re now one step closer to obtaining a rabbit-free property!

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to get rid of rabbits in your yard!

Please feel free to return and share your experiences in the comment section below!

10 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard: The Best Rabbit Deterrent Products!”

  1. Very interesting rabbit protection advice. Since installing a fence I have not had many rabbits around here. It seems to be working as advertised.

    I went ahead with the fence first because I didn’t have the patience to try the other methods. I don’t regret my decision.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    • You’re quite welcome. We’re very happy that we were able to assist you with your rabbit problems and hope you continue to have a rabbit-free yard!

  2. Hi Rabbit Remover,
    Thanks for this comprehensive article on rabbit deterrent products. I have a recurring problem with pesky bunnies eating all of the blossoms off some of my flowering bushes, and I would love to find a good humane solution. My problem is that I have pets (2 small dogs) and I don’t want to use anything that could hurt them in any way or limit their enjoyment of the yard. The dogs don’t harm the plants. What would you suggest in this situation?

    • Most of these products explicitly state that they’re safe to be around humans, kids, and pets. We suggest starting with a spray/granular and/or ultrasonic product first to see if this solves your problem.

  3. Rabbit are so beautiful but the downside is when these furry friends of ours, if I can use that word seeks to destroy our landscape and garden, come to think of it they are not our friends but uninvited guess that is looking for a free meal. These Rabbit remover seems to be very effective and getting rid of them.

    • You’re absolutely right!

      These animals love to ravage our gardens. Why go search for food when it’s all concentrated in one area?

      That’s why it’s very important to implement a quality rabbit repellent at the first sign of rabbit damage!

      Please let us know if we can assist you in any way!

  4. I would like to get rid of the rabbits in my garden, and that is why I’ve decided to look for an animal service that may address this matter. Well, I also agree with you that sprays must be used. Thank you for sharing the importance of setting up a bait first.

    • Sprays can be extremely effective in getting rid of rabbits. We are glad you enjoyed our post!


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