The Best Rabbit Repellent Plants: Check Out These Plants That Repel Rabbits!

The Best Rabbit Repellent Plants Check Out These Plants That Repel RabbitsWe don’t have to tell you that rabbits are quite capable of completely ravaging gardens and yards.

Instead of trying to keep them off your favorite plants, it’s far easier to use plants that repel rabbits in the first place.

This will help you maintain a beautiful looking property without the hassle or cost of using rabbit repellents.

Although it’s true that there aren’t any plants that are absolutely rabbit-proof, there are a bunch that rabbits generally show little to no interest in.

Below you will find information from 3 outstanding resources that we use when choosing the best rabbit repellent plants:

  1. The Best Rabbit Repellent Plants Check Out These Plants That Repel RabbitsThe Farmer’s Almanac is without a doubt, one of the most authoritative sources of information when it comes to pest control. They have been around for quite some time and have become a very trustworthy and reliable resource, especially concerning nuisance rabbits. They list plants from 6 different categories that rabbits tend to stay away from:
    • Woody Plants: Azalea, Boxwood, Bush cinquefoil, Butterfly bush, Cotoneaster, Japanese maple, Mountain laurel, Rhododendron, Tatarian dogwood and Tulip tree.
    • Perennials: Adam’s needle, Creeping phlox, Foam flower, Lamb’s ear, Meadow rue, Peony, Perennial salvia, Primrose, Russian sage, Sedum, Speedwell, Spring cinquefoil and Stokes’ aster.
    • Annuals: Four o’clock flower, Geranium, Mexican ageratum, Pot marigold, Spiderflower, Vinca and Wax begonia.
    • Bulbs: Daffodil, Hyacinth and Persian onion.
    • Vegetables: Asparagus, Leeks, Onions, Potatoes, Rhubarb, Summer squash and Tomatoes.
    • Herbs: Basil, Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Savory and Tarragon.
  1. The Best Rabbit Repellent Plants Check Out These Plants That Repel RabbitsAnother noteworthy resource regarding rabbit resistant plants comes from the University of Arizona. They have compiled a comprehensive list of plants that not only repel rabbits, but deer as well. Because of the sheer number of rabbit resistant plants they list, we will let you view the document for yourself. These rabbit deterrent plants are broken down into Trees, Shrubs, Ground covers & vines and Perrenials, Bulbs, & Annuals.
  1. One final resource that we consider to provide great advice on rabbit deterrent plants is the video below:

Bottom Line

The Best Rabbit Repellent Plants Check Out These Plants That Repel RabbitsThe 3 resources listed above are a great place to find plants that repel rabbits.

They have plenty of useful advice and contain the best rabbit repellent plants available.

Whether you’re in the process of designing a new garden/landscape or just want to put some new plants in the ground, we highly advise using the plants listed above if you live in an area with a high rabbit population.

Conversely, if you’re just looking to protect your existing plants, we recommend you using a high-quality electronic or natural rabbit repellent.

If neither of those repellents help to keep rabbits away, a rabbit fence may be the only viable solution to your problem.

We wish you the best of luck in getting rid of those pesky rabbits and hope you’ll return to share your experiences!

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