How to Keep Rabbits Away from the Garden: Stop Rabbits from Eating Plants!

How to Keep Rabbits Away from the Garden Stop Rabbits from Eating Plants

Today we will be teaching you how to keep rabbits away from the garden!

It can be quite cumbersome to sift through the seemingly endless amount of rabbit deterrents on the market.

Some are questionable while others work very well to get rid of rabbits.

Fortunately we have gone through most of these products and organized them into 6 distinct categories.

Below you will see these categories along with a brief description and a link to our in-depth articles which explain them in greater depth along with where they can be purchased.

Now let’s have a look at these repellents so that you may finally stop rabbits from eating plants in your garden!

  1. Rabbit Repellent Sprays

First up are sprays which work by creating an invisible barrier on your plants’ leaves.

Natural ingredients such as putrescent eggs and chili peppers are used to bother rabbits’ smell receptors.

Although these smells are virtually unnoticeable by us, they are quite bothersome to rabbits.

Just spray your desirable plants every month or so to protect them from being rabbits’ next meal.

One of the best things about these products is that they can be safely used around your family and pets since they use natural ingredients.

Some of our favorite sprays come from the likes of Liquid Fence and Plantskydd.

They have consistently ranked as some of the best rabbit sprays on Amazon.

Reviewers state how well they work to protect their gardens from these and other nuisance animals.

We can’t say enough good things about rabbit sprays and highly advise trying them before resorting to more extreme measures!

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  1. Rabbit Repellent Granules

Just like the sprays above, granules work by emitting smells that are bothersome to rabbits.

The major difference lies in the application method.

Rather than treating individual plants, this product is placed on the ground to create a protected perimeter around your garden.

Most people find that this is a much more convenient way of protecting their plants as it takes considerably less time to apply.

One of our favorite products in this category is Rabbit Scram.

It uses a smell that rabbits liken to danger and death.

As a result, these animals tend to stay far away; preserving the health of your desirable plants.

Reviewers note that this product works very well to protect their gardens.

They love how convenient it is to apply which is of great value to them.

We love this category of rabbit repellents and recommend trying them out for yourself!

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  1. Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellents

Speaking of convenience, ultrasonic deterrents are just about as convenient as it gets when it comes to repelling rabbits.

These devices emit sounds that rabbits find offensive.

The result is a rabbit-free garden with little-to-no effort on your behalf.

Some of these products even have integrated solar panels and lights to make them more self-sufficient and effective.

The reviews for these products are very good with plenty of people swearing by their performance.

Not only do they repel rabbits, but in many cases other nuisance animals as well!

We love ultrasonic rabbit deterrents and highly recommend using them to protect your gardens!

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  1. Rabbit Sprinkler Repellents

Another electronic device that does a great job at repelling rabbits are these rabbit sprinklers!

They detect when rabbits come within 35ft of them and produce a friendly aquatic reminder that they are not welcome!

Between the spray of water and the activation sound, rabbits are normally startled enough to not return.

One of the best things about these products is that they work against all nuisance animals.

Furthermore, several sprinklers can be used in tandem to further protect your garden!

People have great things to say about this category of rabbit repellents.

They note that since implemented, their gardens have been flourishing with very little, or no rabbit presence at all!

We think these sprinklers are pretty neat and worthy of your consideration!

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  1. Live Rabbit Traps

Next up is one of the oldest tried-and-true methods for getting rid of rabbits.

Trapping and releasing works quite well if you have a few, yet persistent rabbits ravaging your garden.

The traps are baited with their favorite food. Once captured, they are released far away from your property where they cannot find their way back.

It’s paramount to note that this method is not legal everywhere.

That’s why it is very important that you ask your local municipalities about the legality of trapping and releasing these animals.

If you find that it is in fact legal, this may be one of the best, humane ways for your to protect your garden.

Reviewers state that trapping has helped minimize or eliminate damage to their gardens.

They love how easy these traps are to use and how it causes no injury to the animals.

We recommend using this method if you find that it’s legal to do so in your area!

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  1. Rabbit Fences

Finally, rabbit fences should only be used when all of the options above have been exhausted.

These products are typically implemented when you find that the rabbits in your area are particularly persistent.

While this method will require the most upfront effort, it will require virtually no work once implemented.

This differs greatly from some of the other items on this list which require periodic reapplication.

The holes in the mesh tend to be smaller at the bottom while getting gradually bigger at the top.

This is done to target different nuisance animals which may be ravaging your garden.

Gardeners usually find that this is the most effective method to permanently get rid of rabbits.

They often regret not implementing a fence sooner and can’t be happier with how well it has worked for them.

We highly advise using a rabbit fence if nothing else on this list has worked for you so far!

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Bottom Line

How to Keep Rabbits Away from the Garden Stop Rabbits from Eating Plants

We hope our tips are helpful for you in learning how to keep rabbits away from the garden!

As always, we recommend using sprays and/or ultrasonic deterrents first and gradually move towards traps and fences if necessary.

Most of the time a rabbit fence isn’t needed, but if you’re not having any luck, it may be the only effective means of getting rid of these animals.

Overall, these products should enable you to finally stop rabbits from eating plants in your garden.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll return to share your experiences with us!

Please feel free to leave comments below!

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